Laurel Davis accepting award on behalf of Dr. Shlafer
Pictured (L to R): Accepting on Dr. Shlafer's behalf is Laurel Davis, ARP Scholar, and Shlafer's mentee; and Nancy Raymond, Professor, UMN.

Dr. Rebecca Shlafer Recognized With CTSI's Outstanding Junior Mentor Award

On Thursday evening, CTSI honored Rebecca Shlafer, PhD, with the second annual Outstanding Junior Mentor award (shown above: Laurel Davis, a mentee of Dr. Shlafer, accepts the award on her behalf).

The award recognizes exceptional research mentors who are assistant professors, using nominations provided by the mentees themselves. Nominees are evaluated based on the research guidance they provided as well as their interpersonal and motivational skills, promotion of career development, mentor training record, and NIH biosketch.

Dr. Shlafer is an Assistant Professor with the University’s Department of Pediatrics, and has mentored 19 individuals over the past six years. 

Her research focuses on understanding the developmental outcomes of children and families with multiple risk factors. She is particularly interested in children with parents in prison, as well as the programs and policies that impact families affected by incarceration

Letters nominating Dr. Shlafer for the award were full of praise for her dedication, integrity, energy, passion, professionalism, approachability, and scientific knowledge.

Following are excerpts from these letters, which were written by individuals ranging from Dr. Shlafer’s mentees to the head of her division:

Dr. Shlafer received $500 for this honor.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Shlafer!