About OnCore

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The OnCore clinical trial management system (CTMS) from Advarra gives research teams a single, comprehensive system for managing a trial throughout its life cycle.  

CTSI is leading OnCore's deployment to help build an integrated research infrastructure and enhance the way research is conducted. CTSI's financial investment covers the system's upfront cost as well as staff and resources to provide transition assistance, training, and ongoing support.

Why OnCore?

OnCore benefits PIs, research teams, departments, administrators, and staff members involved in financial and regulatory functions. OnCore helps these individuals: 

  • Effectively manage studies – Gives research staff a single place for managing protocols and participants, and accessing up-to-date information.
  • Manage financials – Price studies, track budgets and earned revenue, and generate financial management reports.
  • Streamline operations – Lower the cost of managing trials within individual units via a single system that works seamlessly across the enterprise and reduces the need for disparate data environments and software infrastructures.
  • Simplify data management – Collect, house, and track protocol, study, administrative, and financial data. View a comparison of OnCore and REDCap.
  • Custom reporting –  Quickly generate meaningful reports that can support decision-making for individuals such as PIs, administrative leaders, and finance staff. Reports can be created for accrual, financials, participant safety, staff workload, and a wide range of other metrics.
  • Improve compliance – Standardize data management and report on required data elements.
  • Enhance collaboration – Seamlessly coordinate studies across teams, units, and sites. OnCore supports academic medical centers, cancer centers, and health care systems across the country.
  • Protect patients – Track consent, interventions, and safety, as well as report adverse events. 
  • Create an integrated information infrastructure – Take advantage of OnCore’s integration capabilities, including with Fairview’s electronic health record and the Clinical Translational Research (CTR) Portal.

—Katie Mellskog, RN, MS, Program Director, Masonic Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office, and OnCore user

Which units use OnCore?

CTSI began implementing OnCore in 2013, and OnCore is now used by approximately 28 units primarily within the Academic Health Center. Fairview and University of Minnesota Physicians also use OnCore.

Usage requirements: Which studies to enter into OnCore