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Make it easy for study participants to find and connect with studies at your organization or in your community. 

StudyFinder at UMN

StudyFinder is an open-source tool that enables universities, healthcare systems, and research institutions to create a website listing their enrolling studies.

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Adopted by NIH CTSA institutions around the country

Since its launch at the University of Minnesota in 2013, StudyFinder has expanded nationally to Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program hubs around the country.

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Technical requirements

  1. A Ruby on Rails environment, either on-premises or cloud-based. StudyFinder is a Ruby on Rails web application.
  2. A database (PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.) for the application to use.
  3. An LDAP service for authentication.
  4. Technical staff familiar with open source, web applications, and Rails in particular. 

The core trial searching and browsing features are by default open to the public. The app includes admin areas which require LDAP authentication.

Other requirements

  • University of Minnesota requires a signed agreement for any external groups that would like to use and adopt the "StudyFinder" name.



Out the box, StudyFinder can be populated with study data from based on a location setting. For example, Frostbite Falls State University can configure the app to import all currently-enrolling studies with a location of "Frostbite Falls State University." 

Other data sources
  • Integration with other data sources, including clinical trial management systems and electronic IRB systems, is possible. 
  • StudyFinder’s built-in connector gives a good overview of how to implement other integrations. Connectors for such systems aren't built in because each site's configuration of those vendor applications tends to require customized code. 
Custom integrations
  • Creating custom integrations (e.g., to import study data from a clinical trial management system) requires software development resources. 
  • The University of Minnesota is available to respond to issues and pull requests via GitHub, and offer brief notes to get you started. 
  • More in-depth assistance, or custom development, and integrations may be available on a contract basis.



Cost varies depending on the service provided. 

If you need more in-depth assistance than what is provided in GitHub or want custom development and integrations, contact Wendy Chau at [email protected] to schedule a free, one-hour consultation.

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