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 Patient with Injury Walks on Treadmill Wearing Advanced Robotic Exoskeleton Legs

Turn your innovation into a product, service or approach that improves human health with support from CTSI’s Office of Discovery and Translation (ODAT).

Funding areas of interest

Funding is not limited to innovations in the above-listed areas of interest. Areas of interest are subject to change with emerging health needs, such as COVID-19.

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How we support our grantees


Since 2012, ODAT has awarded more than $19 million in ODAT Translational Funding to support University innovators developing novel solutions for unmet human health needs.

Guidance from experts

ODAT draws from its broad network of University- and industry-based experts to offer guidance to awardees. Advisory support is tailored to each innovation to address potential development barriers and create a feasible pathway to impact.

Collaborative project management

Our team understands what it takes to move human health innovations from idea to impact. With considerable experience in both academia and medical industries, the ODAT team works collaboratively with awardees and experts to guide projects and support successful outcomes. 




Mohamad Alkhouli, MD. Project title: Cryo-Facilitated method for transcatheter removal of tissue and foreign materials

Shai Ashkenasi, PhD. Project title: Assessing cancer metastases in cervical lymph nodes by photoacoustic lifetime imaging

Samira Azarin, PhD. Project title: In vivo validation of biomaterial technology for treatment of metastatic ovarian cancer

Roy Cho, MD. Project title: Breath sensing lung cancer detection 

Beth Groenke, DDS, and John Sartori, PhD. Project title: PhysiAroma - harnessing olfaction to manage chronic pain

Julia Heneghan, MD. Project title: A novel tool to assess outcomes after critical illness in children with complex medical needs

Marc Hillmyer, PhD, and Robroy MacIver, MD (Children's MN). Project title: Tracheal stents for bronchomalacia in the pediatric population

Erik Jensen, MD. Project title: Dissolvable stent for sutureless pancreatic surgery

Harmeet Malhi, MBBS (Mayo Clinic) and William Pomerantz, PhD (UMN). Project title: Epigenetic inhibitors for the treatment of alcoholic hepatitis

Timothy O'Brien. Project title: iPSC derived cartilage cells for treatment of osteoarthritis

Mukesh Pandey, PhD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: cGMP synthesis of [68Ga]Ga-Bisphosphate for PET imaging of bacterial infection over inflammation in osteomyelitis foreign body rat model

William Pomerantz, PhD. Project title: BPTF degradation as a new epigenetic therapy approach for pediatric cancers

Elizabeth Rajan. Flexible tube-assist balloon dilator with camera: Self-dilation of benign esophageal strictures 

John Sperling, MD (Mayo Clinic) and Scott Riester, MD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: Rotator cuff regeneration using BMP5

Jonathan Strutt, MD. Project title: Capillary refill time measurement utilizing mobile application (Cap App) in children

Emanuel Trabuco, MD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: Purified exosome product/urethral delivery device as a novel platform to treat stress urinary incontinence

Chun Wang, PhD. Project title: Insulin stabilization: in vitro proof-of-concept

Alik Widge, PhD. Project title: Market research for network neurotherapeutics

Natasha Wright, PhD. Project title: Rapid, on-demand peritoneal dialysis fluid compounding for low resource settings

Longjun Wu, PhD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: Targeting TREM2 for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


Taymy Caso, PhD, and G. Nic Rider, PhD, LP. Project title: Gender Journey: exploring gender identity and healthy development using a web-based application.

Andrew Hansen, PhD. Project title: Pediatric mobile standing wheelchair for children with disabilities

David Haynes, PhD and Pinar Karaca-Mandic, PhD. Project title: Smart Community Health

Linda Koehler, MD. Project title: Novel Portable Device for the Treatment of Lymphedema

Bryan Ladd, MD. Project title: Fascial Closure Device

Hubert Lim, PhD. Project title: Enhancing Hearing Using Noninvasive Bimodal Neuromodulation with Novel "Ampear Buds" Technology

Anne Chevalier McKechnie, PhD, RN. Project title: Improving inclusivity of content, delivery, and testing of the Preparing Heart and Mind (TM) care program designed for families of infants prenatally diagnosed with complex congenital heart disease. *Jointly supported with ODAT Translational Program

Kathleen, Miller, MD. Project title: Move and Thrive: addressing teen health inequities through a physical activity online platform.

Nissrine Nakib, MD, and Dwight Nelson, PhD. Project title: Clinical Prototype Build: Bladder Activity Targeting Tool

Timothy O'Brien, DVM, PhD. Project title: iPSC Derived Cartilage Cells for Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Paul Orchard, MD and Damien Fair, PhD. Project title: Development of a novel, computerized scoring system for cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy.

Mukesh Pandey, PhDAditya Bansal, PhDSean Park, MD, PhD, and Haidong Dong, MD, PhD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: Design, Synthesis and Preliminary Evaluation of B-11 Antibody Fragments for PD-L1 PET Imaging

Rita Perlingeiro, PhD. Project title: Delivery Optimization of MayoPaxon in Non-human Primates

Paolo Pianosi, MDRajesh Rajamani, PhD. Project title: Ambulatory Breathing Sensor To Analyze Ventilatory Pump Function

Elizabeth Rajan, MD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: Flexible Tube-assist Balloon Dilator with Camera: Self-dilation of Benign Esophageal Strictures

Kyriakie M. Sarafoglou, MD. Project title: Drug-delivery mechanism to increase adherence in patients with adrenal insufficiency

Wendy St. Peter, PharmD. Project title: Reduce medication-related disparities in African American patients with chronic kidney disease

Christopher Tignanelli, MD (UMN), Rachel Morris, MD (Medical College of Wisconsin). Project title: An Innovative eHealth Platform to Facilitate Shared Decision-Making for Older Adult Trauma Patients

Lynda Welage, PharmD and Randall Seifert, PharmD. Project title: Rural medication access


Conrado Aparicio, PhD. Project title: Easy wearable devices based on cationic biopolymer membranes for point-of-care collecting/self-sampling high loads of viral particles

Alessandro Bartolomucci, PhD. Project title: A new class of C3aR1 agonists for the treatment of obesity

Jan Czyzyk, MD. Project title: Development of a novel antibody to serpinB13 for therapy in diabetes

Arthur Erdman, PhD, and Andrew Grande, MD. Project title: A novel steerable microcatheter to Improve COVID19 stroke outcomes

Rumi Faizer, MD and Victor Barocas, PhD (UMN). Project title: A Compliant Stent-graft to Lower Blood Pressure in Patients with Aortic Disease.

Linsey Griffin, PhD, and William Durfee, PhD. Project title: MNmask: University of Minnesota's novel method for N95 alternatives

Daniel Harki, PhD, Department of Medicinal Chemistry. Project title: Development of Selective Aurora Kinase A Degraders for the Treatment of N-Myc-driven Cancers

Chris Hogan MD. Project title: A high flow hood to mitigate droplet and aerosol transmission

Robert Schumacher, PhDDavid Ingbar, MDTimothy Rich, MD. Project title: Development of a T3 formulation for patients with COVID-19-induced ARDS

Man Liu, PhD. Project title: Treatment of cardiac diastolic dysfunction with a mitoTEMPO analog

Venkatram Mereddy, PhD. Project title: Novel Drugs Targeting Metabolic Plasticity for Breast Cancer Treatment

Li Ou, PhD and Chester Whitley, MD, PhD. Project title: A novel gene editing platform to treat Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff diseases

Michael Pitt, MD, and John Sartori, PhD. Project title: Q-Rounds: taking the waiting around out of rounds with a virtual queue

William Pomerantz, PhD. Project title: Development of a Selective BRD4 inhibitor as an Epigenetic Anti-Cancer Therapeutic

Luis Savastano, MD, PhD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: Minimally Invasive Drainage of Subdural Hematomas

Subbaya Subramanian, PhD. Project title: Engineered Exosomes for the Treatment of Advanced Stage Colorectal Cancer

Richard Vile, PhD (Mayo Clinic) and Ruben Harris, PhD (UMN). Project title: Translation of an APOBEC3B-modified vaccine, in combination with checkpoint inhibition, for the treatment of adult human, and companion animal canine, glioblastoma

Natasha Wright, PhDMichelle Rheault, MDIbrahim Yekinni, MBBS. Project title: Rapid, on-demand peritoneal dialysis fluid compounding for low resource settings

Collaboration with Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center Innovation Fellows Program. Project: Device for neonatal cord management to support kangaroo care


Andres Acosta, MD, PhD (Mayo Clinic). Project Title: Development of Selective Ileo-Colonic Bitter Taste 2 Receptor 5 Agonist for Treatment of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

Mahmoud Al-Kofahi, PhD and Kyriakie M. Sarafoglou, MD. Project title: drug-delivery mechanism to increase adherence in patients with adrenal insufficiency

Sandra Armstrong, PhD. Project title: Developing improved pertussis vaccines

Michael Barry, PhD (Mayo Clinic), and Alexander Khoruts, MD (UMN). Project title: Vaccines to Combat Clostridioides (Clostridium) Difficile

Samuel Cramer, MDIn collaboration with Cerovations, LLC. Project title: Instrumented External Ventricular Drain

Sarah Elfering, MD, Priya Verghese, MD, MPH, and Ibrahim Yekinni, MBBS. Project title: Reducing infection risks in pediatric patients on peritoneal dialysis

Arthur Erdman, PhDAhmed Selim, MD. Project title: Translational Development of a Targeted Cardiocerebral Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (TC-ECMO) System

James M. Ervasti, PhD, and David D. Thomas, PhD, and Joseph M. Muretta, PhD. Project title: Mini-/Micro-Dystrophin Actin Binding Domain 1 Gain-of-Affinity

John Ferguson, PhDAdriana Seelye, PhDTonya Rich, PhD, OT; Logan Cates, MA CCC-SLP; Don MacLennan, MA, CCC, UMN and Minneapolis VA Health Care System. Project title: Just One Thing: Custom Care Plans for Caregivers

Gary Goldish, MD. Project title: Caregiver Assistive Wheelchair Control

Alan Marmorstein, PhD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: Stem Cell Derived RPE for Treatment of Macular Degeneration

Anne McKechnie, RN, PhD. Project title: Extending an eHealth Enhanced Care Approach: Development of Nurse-Guided Patient Engagement Content to Support Human Milk Feeding for Infants with Complex Congenital Heart Disease

Paulo Pianosi, MD, and, Rajesh Rajamani, PhD. Project title: Wearable Ambulatory Breathing Sensor (WABS)

Carolina Sandoval-Garcia, MDIn collaboration with Cerovations, LLC. Project title: Improving CSF Shunt Reliability with Dual Lumen Catheter for Redundancy

Jessica Simacek, PhD and Adele Dimian, PhD. Project title: Bridging barriers to intervention access: Caregiver-delivered communication intervention

Ronald Siegel, PhD and James Cloyd, PhD. Project title: Development of a Prodrug/Enzyme Nasal Spray for Rapid Delivery of Diazepam for Treatment of Seizure Emergencies

Jill Siegfried, PhD. Project title: Cellular Uptake Mechanism of Cyclic STAT3 Decoy

Andrew Wu, MD. Project title: A low-resource oxygen blender prototype for use in modified bubble CPAP circuits

Collaboration with Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center Innovation Fellows Program. Project: Cleft palate closure device


Samuel Asirvatham, MD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: Epicardial pacing and defibrillation with a novel percutaneously implanted transverse sinus device

Jon Hawkinson, PhD. Project title: Critical path studies to nominate BINTA as a preclinical development candidate to treat chronic pain devoid of opioid side effect liability

John Ferguson, PhD, and Bernadette Gillick, PhD. Project title: Development of interactive software for use in pediatric stroke rehabilitation

Nicholas LaRusso, MD and Tatyana Masyuk, PhD (co-PI), Mayo Clinic. Project title: In vitro and in vivo testing the effects of SBI 319, a novel TGR5 antagonist, in treatment of the cholangiopathies

Roy Cho, MD, MHA. Project title: Multi-compartment syringe for endobronchial ultrasound transbronchial needle aspiration

Collaboration with Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center Innovation Fellows Program. Project: Qp:Qs monitor for single ventricle post-surgical monitoring


Matthew Ambrose, MDIn collaboration with Children’s Heartlink and One Heart Health. Project title: A telemedicine solution for congenital heart disease screening in low resource settings.

Hannah Bearinger, PhDChristie Traczyk, MSCourtney Hill, MD. Project title: Optimizing infant nutrition through breastmilk device.

Andreas Beutler, MD, Mayo Clinic and James Collins, DVM, PhD, University of Minnesota. Project title: Intraganglionic Treatment for Chronic Locoregional Pain

Maneesh Bhargava, MD, PhD. Project title: Molecular Phenotyping in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Adam Choe, MSCourtney Hill, MDChristie Traczyk, MS. Project title: Dental fear and anxiety.

Arthur Erdman, PhD, and Courtney Hill, MD. Project title: Optimizing Infant Nutrition with Breastmilk Device

Juergen Konczak, PhD. Project title: Wearable non-invasive neuromodulation technology for the symptomatic treatment of the voice disorder spasmodic dysphonia

D. Dean Potter, MD, Dennis Wigle MD, PhD, and Stephanie Polites, MD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: Development of a Neonatal Esophageal Lengthening and Anastomotic Device

Tina Slusher, MDIfelayo Ojo, MBBS, MPHIn collaboration with Maternova, Inc. Project title: Liquid crystal display thermometer (LCDT) for measurement of infant body temperatures in low-resource care settings

Robert Tranquillo, PhD. Project title: Gap analysis for a pre-IND of a pediatric conduit with growth potential

Martin Zielinski, MD, and Jonathan M. Aho, MD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: Treatment of Tension Pneumothorax Decompression with Needle Thoracostomy Colorimetric Capnography

Collaboration with Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center Innovation Fellows Program. Projects: Blood-pressure monitoring cuff to accurately capture blood pressure data in pediatric patients; Wearable device for eczema to provide improved options for home-based treatment; Seizure monitoring device for care takers to detect non tonic clonic seizures in children


Gregory J. Beilman, MD. Project title: Preclinical Development of Beta-hydroxybutyrate/Melatonin (BHB/M) for the Treatment of Trauma-induced Acute Blood Loss

Jeffrey Bishop, PharmD, MS. Project title: Pilot study of inflammatory markers and neurocognitive phenotypes in psychosis

Mikael Elias, PhD. Project title: A new technology to control microbes and increase the effectiveness of GI endoscope disinfection procedures

Amy Esler, PhD, and Rebekah L. Hudock, PhD. Project title: Development of a Visual Sequence Application for Children with Special Communication Needs

Naomi Fujioka, MD. Project title: Analysis of the health effect of kava as a dietary supplement

Gary Goldish, MD. Project title: Development of an arm cycle ergometer for supine use

Daniel Knights, PhD. Project title: Immigrant Microbiome Project

Aaron LeBeau, PhD. Project title: Imaging PD-L1 Expression in Drug-Resistant Prostate Cancer Models Using a Novel Human Antibody Contruct

Ling Li, PhD. Project tile: Pharmacokintecis of Minnelide/Triptolide in the Brain

Grace Lin, MD, and Paul Friedman, MD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: Ambulatory Noninvasive Measurement of Potassium in Patients with Cardiac and Renal Disease to Prevent Rehospitalization

Wei Shen, PhD. Project title: Dissolvable Lacrimal Stents Using PLLA-P(βMδVL)-PLLA Degradable Bioelastomers

George Wilcox, PhD; Daniel Bruce, PhD; Philip Portoghese, PhD; Carolyn Fairbanks, PhD. Project title: Peripherally restricted combination therapy for inflammatory or cancer-related chronic pain

Collaboration with Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center Innovation Fellows Program. Project: Dental anxiety


Samuel Asirvatham, MD and David R. Holmes, Jr., MD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: Combination Radiofrequency and Electroporation Energy for Balloon-Based Ablation and Drug Delivery: A Novel Treatment Modality for Atrial Fibrillation

Barry Borlaug, MD (Mayo Clinic). Project title: Minimally Invasive Pericardial Resection to Treat Heart Failure

Kenneth Beckman, PhD, and Daryl Gohl, PhD. Project title: Micrometer: Next-generation Standards for Microbiome Analysis

Michael Farrar, PhD. Project title: B Cell Transcription factors in Leukemia

Gwenyth Fischer, MD. Project title: Epinephrine Drug-delivery Device for use in Pediatric Cardiac Arrest

Sven-Ulrik Gorr, PhD. Project title: A Novel Antimicrobial Peptide for Drug-resistant Bacterial Infections

Kathleen A. Harder, PhD, and Ognjen Gajic, MD, MS, Mayo Clinic. Project title: Pilot Implementation of Cloud-based Electronic Checklist to Improve Daily ICU Rounds in Rural Access Hospitals

Steven Koester, PhD, and Bruce Gerbi, PhD. Project title: Development of Ultrasmall Wireless Radiation Sensors for In Vivo dosimetry in Cancer Therapy

Timothy Lander, MD (UMN) and Robyroy MacIver, MD (Children’s Hospital MN), (previous PI: Filippo Coletti, PhD). Project title: Development of intraluminal bronchial stent utilizing patient specific anatomy for the pediatric population

Amber Lockridge. Project title: The Use of D-serine as a Novel Insulin Secretagogue and Oral Antidiabetic

Jamie Lohr, MDIn collaboration with The Newborn Foundation. Whoosh: Point of care pediatric heart imaging project

Silvia Mangia, PhD. Project title: Metabolic changes in the activated human visual cortex during mild hypoxia

David Morris, MD, Mayo Clinic. Project title: Fiber-optic Tube Thoracostomy Trocar for Improved Patient Chest Drainage

Valerie Pierre, PhD, and Robin Patel, MD, Mayo Clinic. Project title: Novel Biotechnology for Rapid, Point-of-Care Diagnosis of Bacterial Infection

David Potter, MD and Robert Schumacher, PhD, Center for Translational Medicine, University of Minnesota. Project title: Development of Hexyl-Benzyl-Biguanide for Breast Cancer Therapeutics

Amy Skubitz, PhD.  Project title: Development of a Biomarker PRofile for Ovarian Cancer using Proseek Multiplex plates

Tina Slusher, MD and Ashley Bjorklund, MD. Project title: Advancement of modified bubble CPAP for use in children in low resource settings: a study of safety


Conrado Aparicio, PhD. Project title: GL13K Antimicrobial Peptide Coatings with Strong Resistance to Degradation and Sustained Activity for Preventing Dental Peri-implant Infection

Shai Ashkenazi, PhD. Project title: Depth-resolved Tissue Oxygen Needle Sensor

Anannaya Banga, PhD. Project title: SOX 9 positive cells of the bile duct - a promising target for making immune tolerant Beta cells for the cure of type 1 diabetes

Gregory Beilman, MD. Project title: Beta-hydroxybutyrate/melatonin (BHB/M) for the Treatment of Trauma-induced Acute Blood Loss

Lisa Coles, MS, PhD. Project title: Evaluation of Oral N-acetylcysteine Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

Lester Drewes, PhD. Project title: Development of Novel Drugs for High Risk Triple Negative Breast Cancer Treatment

Arthur Erdman, PhD. Project title: Acoustic Modulation of the Phrenic Nerve for Treatment of Ventilator Induced Diaphragmatic Dysfunction

Benjamin Hackel, PhD. Project title: Molecular PET Imaging of MET with Small Protein Ligands

Hiroshi Hiasa, PhD. Project title: Toxicology and efficacy studies for the development of novel fluoroquinolones with anticancer activity

Allison Hubel, PhD. Project tile: High-throughput screening of multicomponent preservation solutions for mesenchymal stem cells

Paul Iaizzo, PhD. Project title: Neuromuscular blockade assessment of motor point stimulation

Alexander Khoruts, MD. Project title: Development of Immunoregulatory Microbiota to Suppress Gut Inflammation

Danni Li, PhD. Project title: Validation of Circulating Hyaluronan and Tumor-associated Hyaluronan Receptors as Prognostic Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer

Jayanth Panyam, PhD. Project title: A Novel Marker for Isolation and Characterization of Circulating Tumor Cells from Patients with Metastatic Cancer

Jayanth Panyam, PhD. Project title: Antibody Targeting Metastases in triple Negative Breast Cancer

David W. Polly, Jr., MD, and Charles Ledonio, MD. Project title: 3D rendering of the thoracic cage from plain 2D radiographs of scoliosis in children

David Potter, MD, PhD. Project title: Epoxygenase mechanisms of breast cancer progression

Kari Roberts, MD (previous PI, Arif Somani, MD). In collaboration with Abbe Vision, Inc. Project title: Intra-pulmonary aerosol generator for drug delivery in intubated patients

Michael Rosenberg, MD. Project tile: Predicting rupture of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) by anatomic and hemodynamic markers from in-vivo and in-vitro imaging

Elizabeth Seaquist, MD. Project title: Wearable Food Intake Tracking Device

Srinand Sreevatsan, PhD. Project title: Point-of-care Detection and Monitoring System for Tuberculosis

Robert Tranquillo, PhD. Project title: Preclinical demonstration of growth capacity of a tissue-engineered RVOT graft

David Walk, MD. Project title: Longitudinal MRI Spectroscopy in ALS


Gregor Adriany, PhD. Project title: A high density coil array for visual, auditory and motor cortex fMRI at 7 Tesla

Karen Ashe, MD, PhD. Project title: Rapid analysis of pathogenic tau proteins in human fluid specimens

Maneesh Bhargava, MD, PhD. Project title: SWIFT-MRI in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

John Bischof, PhD. Project title: Improved Disease Diagnosis Using Lateral Flow Assays with Thermal Contrast

Wade Bresnahan, PhD. Project title: Identification of novel therapeutic targets against human cytomegalovirus using a genome wide shRNA screen and next generation sequencing

Michael Farrar, PhD. Project title: T Cell Epitope Discovery for Cancer Immunotherapy

Michael Farrar, PhD. Project title: Genomic analysis of BCR-ABL+ human leukemia with high versus low STAT5 activation

Deborah Ferrington, PhD. Project title: Enhancing Mitochondrial Function as a Treatment for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Dan, Gallaher, PhD. Project title: The effect of viscous and fermentable dietary fiber consumption on the gut microbiota and its significance in obesity

Allison Hubel, PhD. Project title: Microfluidic Device for Removal of DMSO from Frozen and Thawed Cell Therapy Products

Hubert Lim, PhD. Project title: A New Noninvasive Approach for Brain Activation to Treat Tinnitus

Paula Ludewig, PhD, PT. Project title: Shoulder Motion Guided Patient Diagnostic and Treatment Classification

Theoden Netoff, PhD. Project title: Closed loop neuromodulation of seizures in an in vivo model of epilepsy

Mark Osborn, PhD. Project title: Engineered nuclease mediated generation of non-alloreactive, tumor specific T-cells for human cancer therapy

Julie Ostrander, PhD. Project title: Identification of PELP1 inhibitors

Jayanth Panyam, PhD. Project title: Development of tylocrebrine for clinical use as an anticancer agent

Jayanth Panyam, PhD. Project title: Surface Functionalized Nanoparticles for Improved Chemotherapeutic Efficacy

Jayanth Panyam, PhD. Project title: Silicate Prodrug Nanoparticles of Paclitaxel

Valerie Pierre, PhD. Project title: Iron-based fluorine MRI contrast agents

Wynne Schiffer, PhD. Project title: Simultaneous FDG PET and fMRI measures of functional connectivity in the rodent brain

Timothy Starr, PhD. Project title: Modeling combination targeted therapy

Alena Talkachova, PhD. Project title: Vagal nerve stimulation and stem cell cardio-transplantation: a novel combination therapy for heart disease

Robert Tranquillo, PhD. Project title: Preclinical Evaluation of a Novel Tissue-engineered Heart Valve

Chun Wang, PhD, College of Science and Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering. Project title: Semi-solid Polymer Delivery Systems for Immunotherapy against Melanoma


Khalil Ahmed, PhD. Project title: Cancer Nanotherapeutic Targeting CK2

Michael Bowser, PhD. Project title: Tunable control of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ transport using single stranded DNA antagonists of a polyanion binding site on phospholamban

Scott Dehm, PhD. Project tile: Genome engineering to model prostate cancer therapy resistance

Peter Dosa, PhD. Project title: Development of Novel Therapeutics for Glaucoma

Deborah Ferrington, PhD. Project title: Enhancing Mitochondrial Function as a Treatment for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Erik Finger, MD, PhD. Project title: Isolation and Expansion of Regulatory T Cells from Patients with End Stage Liver Disease for the Induction of Tolerance in Transplantation

Melissa Geller, MD. Project title: Transposon-mediated targeting of natural killer cells for ovarian cancer immunotherapy

Jafar Golzarian, MD. Project title: Pharmacokinetic and Safety of Doxorubicin-Elutable Bioresorbable Microspheres in a Rabbit Model of Hepatic Arterial Embolization

Susanta Hui, MS, PhD. Project title: Advanced 3D MR imaging to characterize changes in the bone marrow of leukemia patients undergoing transplant

Marc Jenkins, PhD. Project title: Hepatitis B Conjugate Vaccine

Samir Khariwala, MD. Project title: SWIFT MRI for evaluation of mandibular invasion in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Michael Linden, MD, PhD. Project title: Identifying Immunophenotypic Markers Suitable for Clinical Laboratory Testing for Early Identification of Bortezomib Resistance in Human Multiple Myeloma

Steven Patterson, PhD, and Louis Mansky, PhD. Project title: Investigation of HIV-1 Lethal Mutagenesis in a Humanized HIV Mouse Model

Ann Parr, MD, PhD. Project title: Autologous OPCs for Transplantation into Human Spinal Cord Injury

Rita Perlingeiro, PhD. Project title: Therapeutic Approaches for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy using iPS Cells

David Potter, MD, PhD. Project title: Epoxygenase Mechanisms of Breast Cancer Prevention

Valerie Pierre, PhD. Project title: Siderophore Aptasensors for Immediate Point-of-care Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection

Daniel Vallera, PhD. Project title: Developing Biological Drugs Targeting Chemo-Refractory Carcinoma

Carston R. Wagner, PhD. Project title: In vivo Proof-of-Concept Studies on Chemically Self Assembled Nanostructures (CSANS) as Targeted Diagnostic Imaging and Drug Delivery agents for Brain Cancer


Jodi Fenlon Rebuffoni
Assistant Director
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