CTSI K and Beyond Club

CTSI K and Beyond Club

Expand your networking and career development opportunities with this quarterly lunch series exclusively for select current and former CTSI scholars.

Who can attend

  • Current and former CTSI K-R01 scholars
  • Former CTSI K scholars

When and where

  • Second Tuesday of the month
  • Campus Club

Sample topics

  • Are R21s worth it?
  • Challenges to mentoring students, postdocs and fellows
  • Challenges to writing
  • Getting the max out of virtual and live conferences 
  • Leading effective meetings
  • Leadership book club
  • Managing conflict
  • Managing research teams
  • New grant ideas
  • Responding to critiques
  • Restarting your research: Crowd-sourcing sunrise ideas
  • Specific aims review
  • To mPI or not to mPI 
  • When to say no and when to say yes: Where to draw the line 
  • Work-life integration