Write Winning NIH Grants Annual Seminar

Closeup of a woman's hands holding a pen and writing in a book, with a laptop on the table

Learn to write grant proposals that get funded at this annual, two-day seminar designed for investigators and staff who help support grant writing. National speaker and grant writing expert John D. Robertson, PhD, will address practical and conceptual aspects important to the proposal writing process.

Seminar content is geared toward National Institute of Health grants, but is applicable to other national funding agencies.

Upcoming seminar

The next seminar is scheduled for January 2022 (date to be announced). Registration opens Fall 2021

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Guides, examples, and more

The Research Toolkit houses a wide range of grant-writing resources for University of Minnesota researchers, including:

  • Sample grant applications from UMN
  • Proposal development guidance 
  • NIH's guide to application writing
  • Guide to writing a successful proposal 

Grant-writing resources