Foundations for Research Professionals

New Staff Training Raised Hand

Research professionals who are new to research or new to the University of Minnesota gain critical knowledge for their job through this training program. 


Why enroll?

CTSI's Foundations for Research Professionals program can help you:

  • Increase knowledge of research professionals’ roles and responsibilities
  • Gain a solid understanding of local and federal regulations, and how to operate using Good Clinical Practice (GCP).
  • Get connected with resources, and learn to navigate the University of Minnesota research landscape. 
  • Prepare for human research professional certifications through ACRP and SOCRA.

What to expect

Training is approximately 20 hours over two weeks.

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Who it's for

Clinical research coordinators (CRCs) and other research professionals who are working on a University research study and are:

  • New to new to research that involves human participants.
  • New to the University of Minnesota (less than one year).


Training is free to both departments and individual coordinators who participate.


Anyone registering for Foundations for Research Professionals training programs should complete the University’s minimal training requirements prior to starting the course.

A baseline knowledge assessment will be administered by the course instructor after registration. Complete this within one to two weeks of registration. 

What participants say