Health Informatics

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CTSI's Health Informatics Program (HIP) gives University of Minnesota researchers the data and informatics expertise they need to accelerate their research and makes substantial national contributions to translational science.

Services and tools

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Access to rich clinical data environment

  • Fully integrated clinical, genomics, and biospecimen data

Design of data repositories

  • Enterprise-wide clinical data repositories (CDRs)
  • Disease or service-specific clinical data marts and registries

Dataset preparation

  • Data transformation
  • Summarization
  • Codeset mapping (ICD9/ICD10, NDC, RxNorm, etc.)

Data de-identification using validated tools

  • Fully de-identified datasets
  • Limited datasets

Natural language processing

  • NLP-PIER information extraction platform for clinical notes

Healthcare application development 

  • User interface design
  • Mobile app development

Data analytics

  • Tier 1 Analytics: Dashboards and self-service business intelligence
  • Tier 2 Analytics: Collaboration with expert data scientists and faculties

Secure, compliant, and robust data infrastructure

  • PHI-compliant storage
  • Secure data collection, integration, and management
  • User access management
  • Validated data enrichment tools and algorithms

Informatics resources

  • Informatics consultants
  • Data analysts
  • Database engineers
  • Developers

Assistance with submissions and documentation

  • Grant proposals
  • IRB submissions (IRB ancillary reviews)
  • Manuscripts

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