Work With Your Data

Find guidance for accessing and analyzing data provided by CTSI's informatics team (BPIC).

Access your data through the Data Shelter

Once your data request has been fulfilled, you'll be able to view and analyze your datasets through a secure desktop environment called the "Data Shelter."

This work environment:

  • Protects private patient data
  • Provides data backup
  • Includes free, powerful analysis tools
  • Enables collaboration with colleagues

Instructions for logging into the Data Shelter

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Move files in and out of the Data Shelter

Move files in and out of the Data Shelter

To import and export files to and from the Data Shelter use our file transfer application.

You can import documents from your personal computer using the Data Shelter File Transfer site.  To retrieve uploaded documents or export documents from the shelter, you will access the same website from a browser within the shelter. 

Please note that all exports will be reviewed by an analyst and approved if they meet our data extraction policies.

Access Epic within the Data Shelter

Access Epic within the Data Shelter

For security purposes, web traffic is disabled within the Data Shelter. However, there are approved sites that you can access with the Firefox browser. For example, you can access the Fairview Secure Gateway, which will allow you to access Epic and other Fairview systems from within the shelter.

If you have a site you would like added, please contact us at [email protected]

Analyze data

Any analysis you perform on your secure datasets must be done using the software provided in the shelter. The following software is available for use, free of charge, within the Data Shelter:

  • Epi Info
  • JMP Pro
  • MatLab
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • MS SQL Server

If the tool you need is absent, contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate your need. 

Office hours

Tuesdays 1:00-3:00pm
Thursdays 1:00-3:00pm (by appointment)

Office hours are held virtually, and can be accessed by contacting the Clinical Research Support Center (CRSC):

[email protected]


Gretchen Sieger
Director of Operations, Clinical Informatics
[email protected]

Steve Johnson, PhD
Scientific Director, Clinical Informatics
[email protected]

Melissa Hansen
Research Navigator
[email protected]
612-625-CTSI (2874)

[email protected]

BPIC staff list

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Technical support

Technical support

Forgot your password?

Password assistance for University of Minnesota students and staff, visit IT@UMN

Use your University of Minnesota x500 username and password to access: i2b2, SHRINE, Duo, Box and vpn

AD Account:
Access the Data Shelter via remote desktop using your AD username and password.