Clinics and Surgery Center

Clinics and Surgery Center debuts CTSI-created research training module

Last week, the Clinics and Surgery Center (CSC) launched a research-focused online training module to over 1,000 of its healthcare providers and staff. CTSI created the module in collaboration with M Physicians and Fairview Health Services, which will also be part of orientation for new CSC employees.

This training strives to better integrate research into the patient experiences. Research is an essential tool in advancing health and healthcare, and CSC employees play a key role in helping patients discover research opportunities they might be a fit for.

A module for CSC employees

The module provides a foundation for CSC providers and staff to:

  • Understand why research is important to CSC patients.
  • Differentiate between clinical care and research.
  • Understand patient protections in research.
  • Understand their role in supporting research.
  • Identify resources to support research in the CSC.
  • Actively include an awareness of research studies into the care of patients. This includes developing a familiarity with StudyFinder, learning how to identify research studies in their clinic, and learning to identify patients who are also research participants.

High-quality training to improve research 

CTSI has been integral to the patient research experience at the CSC since it opened its doors in 2016, and this module is one of the many ways CTSI promotes integrating research into the center.

It’s also one of the many ways CTSI meets the training needs of the research community. In addition to this new module, CTSI has collaborated with University of Minnesota units, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, Fairview, and M Physicians, and community partners to create training for a wide range of audiences, such as research professionals, principal investigators, clinical care teams, and research partners. 

Module screenshots