K12 scholars attending a seminar

CTSI receives funding for K12 career development program

Michelle Hoedeman

CTSI has received additional funding from the National Institutes of Health for its K12 Scholars Career Development Program. It’s a five-year award amounting to more than $5.3 million.

This award is linked to the $53.9 million in CTSA funding that CTSI received in September, along with the funding it anticipates receiving for its T32 predoctoral and postdoctoral training programs (PI: Jayne Fulkerson, PhD) in the coming months. The four awards function as a coordinated set of programs with a shared vision, overarching goals, and joint leadership and activities, and will allow CTSI to pursue related supplemental funding opportunities in the future. 

About CTSI’s K12 award

The K12 award will provide comprehensive career development support for early-career faculty, and is one part of CTSI’s overarching efforts to train a strong, diverse clinical and translational science workforce.

The award will allow CTSI to build upon its highly successful and popular KL2 program, with the goal of helping assistant professors conducting clinical or translational research become successful, independent, effective team scientists and leaders. The program provides these scholars with rigorous training, promotes their personal and career development, and surrounds each scholar with a multidisciplinary team of mentors. 

Because this program now receives funding through NIH’s K12 funding mechanism (not the KL2 mechanism as with the previous CTSA grant), CTSI has made a slight change to the name of the program. CTSI’s KL2 Scholars Career Development Program is now the K12 Scholars Career Development Program. The program’s purpose and dedicated support for scholars remains the same.

The award starts February 1 and runs through January 31, 2029.