Meet the Recipients of CTSI's First F & T Pilot Grant Awards

The CTSI F & T Pilot Grant Program is for predoctoral and NIH fellowship trainees, and includes up to $16,000 in pilot funds for clinical and translational projects and mentoring. Please join us in congratulating these accomplished trainees!

Daniel Beisang, BS, Medical School
Primary Mentor: Marc Jenkins, PhD
Subproject Mentor: Michael Georgieff, MD
Project Title: Quantitative Assessment of the Diversity of the Neonatal T cell Repertoire

Jose Debes, MD, Medical School
Primary Mentor: Paul Bohjanen, MD, PhD
Subproject Mentor: John Lake, MD
Project Title: Expression of the Hepatitis C Protein NS5A and Its Target Transcripts in Human Liver

Caroline Diep, BA, BS, Medical School
Primary Mentor: Carol Lange, PhD
Subproject Mentor: Peter Argenta, MD
Project Title: Ex vivo Modeling of Primary Ovarian Cancer Cells in 3D Culture Systems

Anne Frosch, MD, Medical School
Primary Mentor: Chandy John, MD, MS
Subproject Mentor: George Ayodo
Project Title: The Effect of HIV Infection on Malaria Specific B cell Subset Frequency

David Knorr, BS, Medical School
Primary Mentor: Michael Verneris, MD
Subproject Mentor: Todd DeFor, MS
Project Title: Evaluation of the CD4+ T cell Response against Influenza following Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation

Jessica Musselman, MS, School of Public Health
Primary Mentor: Jenny Poynter, PhD
Subproject Mentor: Julie Ross, PhD
Project Title: Methylation of the BMP/TGFβ Pathway and Correlation with Survival in Childhood Germ Cell Tumors

Ryan Nelson, BA, Medical School
Primary Mentor: Marc Jenkins, PhD
Subproject Mentor: Marshall Hertz, MD
Project Title: CD4+ T cell Responses toward Minor Y antigens following Male to Female Lung Transplant

Brent Sorenson, School of Dentistry
Primary Mentor: Mark Herzberg, DDS, PhD
Subproject Mentor: Rajaram Gopalakrishnan, DDS
Project Title: Tumor-targeted Reduction of Hyopxia-inducible Factor in Oral Carcinoma by Calprotectin