Jiwoo Lee and Arianne Baldomero

CTSI welcomes 2020 KL2 Scholars

CTSI’s Research Education, Training, and Career Development Core (CTSI-Ed) is pleased to welcome two Scholars to the KL2 Scholars Career Development Program. 

New KL2 Scholars

Jiwoo Lee, PhD, RN, School of Nursing
Mentors: Jayne Fulkerson, Lisa Harnack, Weihua Guan
Project title: Reducing the summer health gap: Evaluation and enhancement of a community‐based child nutrition assistance program

Arianne Baldomero, MD, MS, Department of Medicine/ VA Health Care Systems
Mentors: Adams Dudley, Chris Wendt, Ken Kunisaki, David Nelson
Project title: Rural‐urban disparities in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) among veterans

These Scholars join the continuing KL2 Scholars in the career development cohort:

Carolyn Bramante, Christen Ebens, Rene Pierpont, Armin Rashidiand Craig Schulz, and third-year K Prime Scholars Andrew Grande and Sandra Safo.

Features of the KL2 program include:

  • 75% salary support on salaries (up to $120,000 inclusive of fringe), $35,000 in research funds and $2,000 travel funds a year, for the first 3 years. This award is funded by the NIH CTSI grant for 24 months and the Medical School Dean’s Office for 12 months.

  • A focus on those applicants who are underrepresented in medicine

  • A multidisciplinary mentor team, including primary senior accomplished mentor, secondary mentor and biostatistician representing different areas of expertise

  • Weekly K Scholar Multidisciplinary Seminar Series with BIRCWH (Women’s Health K12), MN-LHS, CTSI Pre-K Discovery Scholars, and Individual K awardees

To learn more, contact Megan Larson, Senior Program Associate, at [email protected].