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Three projects awarded $150,000 in project funding, support to advance toward commercialization

Three research projects have been selected to each receive $50,000 in initial project funding and support through the Translational Product Development Fund (TPDF) to advance the projects toward commercialization which includes the formation of a start-up company or execution of a license agreement with an established commercial entity.

This is the fifth award cycle for the TPDF program, which is a collaboration between CTSI’s Office of Discovery and Translation, the Mayo Clinic Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCaTS) and in conjunction with the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics.

Funding and project support help advance the project toward commercialization of a novel therapeutic, device, diagnostic, or IT product. Additional funding through the TPDF program is available to projects meeting initial milestones.

Congratulations to the newest awardees!

  • Roy Cho, MD, MHA, Department of Medicine, University of Minnesota
    Multi-compartment syringe for endobronchial ultrasound transbronchial needle aspiration

  • Nicholas LaRusso, MD, and Tatyana Masyuk, PhD, Mayo Clinic
    Project title: In vitro and in vivo testing the effects of SBI 319, a novel TGR5 antagonist, in treatment of the cholangiopathies

  • Samuel Asirvatham, MD, Mayo Clinic
    Epicardial pacing and defibrillation with a novel percutaneously implanted transverse sinus device

Project submissions were evaluated on the basis of potential for commercialization, readiness of the technology to advance to the next stage of translation from the proposed activity, and strength of the investigative team and partners.

Since 2015, the TPDF program has awarded funding and project support to 18 projects, which have resulted in an impressive tech spin off, two licensing agreements, and another project advancing closer to clinical trials.