Clarence Jones

Recognizing Clarence Jones for CEARCH Management Council Service 2017-2021

At the end of 2021, Clarence Jones, MEd, ended his tenure with the CEARCH Management Council, which helps shape the way CTSI engages the broader community in University of Minnesota research. Clarence will continue serving on CTSI’s Hub Leadership Team.

Clarence has been with the Council since its formation in 2017. During his four-year tenure, Clarence contributed in many ways to the Council and CTSI: as a Poster Session judge, a participant in several research forums on child health, co-creator of the community-university research grants program, grant reviewer, and a participant and recruiter for community-researcher information sessions.

Clarence has consistently served as an advocate for the African-American community to address health disparities, and brought a valuable perspective and skillset to the Management Council. He serves as Outreach Director for the Hue-MAN group, which works to address the health crisis among young and middle-aged men, primarily men of color. He has 25 years of experience in youth development community projects and as a facilitator for cultural diversity training sessions. Clarence also hosts a "Community Health Dialogues" segment on KMOJ Radio every Monday evening. 

The Management Council works in partnership with CTSI’s Community Engagement to Advance Research and Community Health (CEARCH) core to influence how research is organized and conducted in partnership with and in service to the community. Members represent organizations and institutions which work directly with communities to improve health around the Twin Cities. Selected members serve two-year terms with an option to extend their time with the Council.