George Floyd mural

A statement on the death of George Floyd

In the past few weeks, Minnesota communities have experienced incredible tragedy and many layers of grief. 

We mourn the loss of George Floyd and condemn his murder.

We share in the sadness, pain, and outrage, and we support those protesting and working tirelessly to address racial injustice. 

We feel for those who fear for their safety, lack access to food and medicine, or are impacted by the turmoil and destruction, and support those who are helping neighborhoods and communities rebuild. For those whose basic human needs are unmet or who are looking to lift up impacted communities, I encourage you to explore these resources from the Office for Equity and Diversity.

We acknowledge we have our own responsibility to listen and take meaningful action. We need to do more and do better.

We believe that building the trust of our communities and integrating their voices is critical to affecting real change. By doing so, we can confront the long-standing injustices and disparities that Black communities face. We can support communities to tackle health issues and advance research that could make a difference in their own lives. And we can advocate for their voices to create a healthier future. 

This commitment to engaging communities in an ongoing dialogue, building trust, and addressing research in areas that directly improve community health is central to our mission. We are ready to work alongside you and support you as best we can. 

Through understanding, collaboration, and action, we can help create a more just society and a healthier future for all Minnesotans.

Bruce Blazar, MD
Director, CTSI