Screen showing hosts and presenters participating in an online Child Health Forum

Grantees share impacts of COVID-19 on pediatric populations

Throughout the summer, grantees of the Child Health Collaborative shared their research in a series of online forums. 

The Child Health Collaborative Grant funds research that aims to improve health outcomes for Minnesota children and adolescents and supports collaborative projects between the University of Minnesota and Children’s Minnesota. In 2020, rapid-response funding supported research on the wide-reaching health impacts of COVID-19 on these pediatric populations.

Each forum was hosted by CTSI and Children’s Minnesota, and featured presentations from multiple research teams.

Forum 1 presentations

Epidemiology of pediatric COVID-19 infections in the United States

  • Laura Norton, MD, MS, University of Minnesota 
  • Alicen Spaulding, PhD, MPH, Children’s Minnesota

Anti-Asian racism during the Coronavirus pandemic: Youth risk and resilience

  • Kimara Gustafson, MD, University of Minnesota 
  • Daniel Lee, PhD, Children’s Minnesota
  • Michael Finch, PhD, Children’s Minnesota

Emotional and behavioral regulation among children with preexisting mental health disorders and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Anjali Goel, MD, University of Minnesota 
  • Alicia Zagel, PhD, Children’s Minnesota

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Forum 2 presentations

Isolation of protective antibodies against COVID-19 

  • Alberto Orioles, MD, Children's Minnesota 
  • Marco Pravetoni, PhD, University of Minnesota 
  • Marie Steiner, MD, MS, University of Minnesota 

Impact of COVID-19 on child abuse and neglect in the Twin Cities

  • Allison Lind, CPNP, Children's Minnesota 
  • Caroline (Carrie) George, MD, University of Minnesota 

Working together, from a distance: A qualitative exploration into how to best tailor our public health response to support families during COVID-19 pandemic

  • Gretchen Cutler, PhD, Children's Minnesota 
  • Marla Eisenberg, ScD, MPH, University of Minnesota
  • Katie Loth, PhD, MPH, University of Minnesota 

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Forum 3 presentations

Pediatric COVID-19: Does infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus alter brain structure and function?

  • Kelly Bergmann, DO, Children's Minnesota
  • Igor Nestrasil, MD, PhD, University of Minnesota 

Stress physiology and mental health: Implications for family functioning and child development during COVID-19 pandemic

  • Michael Troy, PhD, LP, Children's Minnesota 
  • Andrew Barnes, MD, PhD, University of Minnesota 
  • Nicole Perry, PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Pilot screening for urinary biomarkers of vasoreactive endothelial dysfunction in pediatric patients with suspected COVID19 infection

  • Kelly Bergmann, DO, Children's Minnesota
  • Alex Boucher, MD, University of Minnesota 

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