Collage of 10 CTSI-supported researchers

Meet 10 UMN researchers who are accelerating discoveries toward better health

To celebrate CTSI’s 10th anniversary, we’re highlighting 10 researchers who are fulfilling our mission of accelerating discoveries toward better health. 
Screen showing hosts and presenters participating in an online Child Health Forum

Grantees share impacts of COVID-19 on pediatric populations

Throughout the summer, grantees of the Child Health Collaborative shared their research in a series of online forums. 
Child screened for heart disease

ODAT supports innovations to improve health equity and accessibility

CTSI’s Office of Discovery and Translation is supporting the development of novel solutions designed to reduce health disparities.

How we're supporting researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Research is the path forward in this global pandemic, and CTSI, like organizations around the world, is committed to accelerating these discoveries.  Here are a few ways we’re supporting the promising research coming from the University…
Child Health Advocates

University and Children’s Minnesota Child Health Advocates gather to celebrate collaborative research

In December, CTSI hosted University of Minnesota and Children’s Minnesota child health advocates for a celebration of the efforts of the Child Health Collaborative and to learn about research projects and findings from three grantee teams.
Community Engagement Office

CTSI’s Community Engagement office receives NIH support for Science Cafe event series

CTSI’s Office of Community Engagement to Advance Research and Community Health (CEARCH) recently launched a series of Science Cafe events to inform and enhance the translation of research into healthcare practice, and to improve healthcare…
Pediatric CTSI-Supported Event

Pediatric device innovators converge at CTSI-supported event

Technology innovators, clinicians, investors, academics and members of the medical device industry gatheredNearly 80 people attended the Pediatric Device Breakthrough Collaborative event to discover better medical technologies and…
Pediatric Dental Project

CTSI-supported project tackling pediatric dental anxiety featured in Star Tribune

A project that was initially funded through the Pediatric Device Innovation Consortium’s Community Discovery Program for Child Health Innovation, which is managed by CTSI’s Office of Discovery and Translation, was featured in the Business…
Sick Child Rare Disease Day

Rare Disease Day 2017: How CTSI is advancing a critical area of research

February 28 marks Rare Disease Day, which aims to increase awareness of rare diseases and disorders.  While each condition affects a relatively small number of people, there are currently between 6,000 and 7,000 rare diseases according to…
Portraits of Drs. Kozhimannil and Shlafer

Researchers tap into multiple CTSI programs to drive policy changes

“Our CTSI-supported research project didn’t just inform public policy; it led directly to the creation of new legislation,” says Dr. Rebecca Shlafer. Fellow U of M faculty member Dr. Katy Kozhimannil adds, “CTSI support formalized our…

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