Collage of 10 CTSI-supported researchers

Meet 10 UMN researchers who are accelerating discoveries toward better health

To celebrate CTSI’s 10th anniversary, we’re highlighting 10 researchers who are fulfilling our mission of accelerating discoveries toward better health. 
Rebecca Shlafer, PhD, MPH, participates in a past Scholar workshop

New Minnesota legislation, supported by CTSI research, promotes health of incarcerated mothers and infants

CTSI-supported research led to new Minnesota legislation that keeps incarcerated mothers and their newborn babies together.
Screen showing hosts and presenters participating in an online Child Health Forum

Grantees share impacts of COVID-19 on pediatric populations

Throughout the summer, grantees of the Child Health Collaborative shared their research in a series of online forums. 
10 years: Clinical and Translational Science Institute

CTSI celebrates 10 years

For 10 years, CTSI has been accelerating discovery toward better health. To do this, CTSI is training the research workforce, streamlining methods and processes, engaging communities and stakeholders, and contributing unique UMN resources…
Health provider in PPE talking to elderly person

Anti-aging therapy shows promise in the fight against COVID-19

Researchers from the University of Minnesota Medical School are collaborating with the Mayo Clinic to test the use of a senolytic therapy against COVID-19. The therapy targets the fundamental biology of aging.
Photo of COVID-19 fact sheets with info about staying healthy during the pandemic, and a photo of a woman reading the fact sheets

Keeping Indigenous communities connected during the pandemic

With funding from CTSI, University of Minnesota researchers worked with local Indigenous community partners to develop evidence-based and culturally appropriate COVID-19 resources, creating three distinct fact sheets on staying healthy and…
Modified tumor extracellular vesicles (mTEVs)

Bolstering the immune system’s power to fight cancer

A revolutionary approach being developed by CTSI grantee Dr. Subbaya Subramanian has the potential to transform the way cancer is treated. More than five years of studies and data suggest it may extend the survival outcomes or completely…
Child screened for heart disease

ODAT supports innovations to improve health equity and accessibility

CTSI’s Office of Discovery and Translation is supporting the development of novel solutions designed to reduce health disparities.
Blood Samples

Helping researchers test new COVID-19 treatments quickly

Accelerating research has become more important than ever in the face of a global pandemic.
A doctor in PPE

Innovating for COVID-19 clinical care and recovery efforts

Shortly after healthcare system M Health Fairview converted Bethesda into a COVID-19 hospital, they teamed up with CTSI. Together, the partners built a robust infrastructure for COVID-19 research, pursuing innovative ways to engage…

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