Share and Disseminate Research Findings

The following resources will help you learn more about sharing results and disseminate research findings.

Community Engagement

Community-Centered Dissemination Toolkit
The Community-Centered Dissemination Toolkit is a resource designed to help research teams incorporate community-engagement principles into dissemination.

This resource was created in collaboration between the University of Minnesota Medical School Program in Health Disparities Research (PHDR) and CTSI Community Engagement to Advance Research and Community Health (CEARCH) along with the help of community members, faculty, staff, and students at the University of Minnesota.


Technology Commercialization (TC)
Unit within the Research and Innovation Office that oversees all aspects of the technology commercialization process at the University of Minnesota, and bridges the gap between the lab and the marketplace. Report inventions to Technology Commercialization (required for new technologies). 

The Discovery Launchpad is a startup incubator and program of formal coaching for University of Minnesota researchers interested in forming a startup company to commercialize new technology.

Communications and public relations

Diverse Community Media Directory 
This directory was created by the Minnesota Department of Health.

University of Minnesota Government and Community Relations
The objective of the Office of Government and Community Relations is to advance the interests of the University in St. Paul, in Washington, D.C., and among community partners and neighbors.

Data archiving and preservation

Digital Conservancy
Resource managed by University of Minnesota Libraries that provides long-term digital preservation and open access to institutional digital resources, including research data.

Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM)
DRUM is a publicly available collection of digital research data generated by University of Minnesota researchers. DRUM offers consultations on de-identification, participant consent for data sharing, and data management plans. 


University Imaging Centers (UIC)
Provides services and support to visually present findings, such as poster printing.

Public policy

Office for Public Engagement
The Office for Public Engagement works with University academic programs and engagement units on all five campuses to build capacity to produce high-quality public engagement programs and initiatives.

Evidence for Informed Policies Network (EVIPNet) 
Part of the World Health Organization (WHO), this network promotes the use of health research evidence in policy-making.

Online tools and sharing

Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRNs) Research Portal
Enables primary care practitioners to share outcomes and participate in discussions.

The Dataverse Network
An open source application to publish, share, reference, extract, and analyze research data.

i2b2 tranSMART Foundation
A data sharing and analytics platform for translational research that features a search tool that allows you to filter for biomarkers, diseases, genes, and gene signatures.

Sherpa Romeo
Sherpa Romeo is an online resource that aggregates and analyses publisher open access policies from around the world and provides summaries of publisher copyright and open access archiving policies on a journal-by-journal basis.


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