Kids, parents, and caregivers invited to share unmet child health needs for researchers and experts to address via new medical devices

The new Community Discovery Program for Child Health Innovation program is now soliciting public input about a challenge or experience related to children’s hospital stays, health conditions, or home health care that might be improved through the development of new medical device solutions.

Describe your child health challenge or experience

The Pediatric Device Innovation Consortium (PDIC) will select high-need, high-impact problems as described by kids, parents, and caregivers. Then the consortium will work with University of Minnesota researchers and medical device experts on selected projects to develop new products that address the challenges described.

Ultimately, PDIC aims to get medical devices for children onto the market by using both University resources and the local medical device industry.

Tell us about an experience that made you think “there’s got to be a better way”

Anyone is invited to share unmet child health needs via an online form that takes less than two minutes to complete. Examples of challenges and experiences include:

“I found it difficult to hold and comfort my child when she was connected to the IV pole. The tubes and wires were constantly tangled or were too short to allow for normal movement.”

“My child’s colostomy bag falls off several times a day and severely irritates his skin.”

The Community Discovery Program for Child Health Innovation is sponsored by the Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s Office of Discovery and Translation, which is dedicated to putting promising innovations on the path toward improved human health.

A comprehensive approach to addressing pediatric medical needs

This new program builds on the Pediatric Device Innovation Consortium’s overarching, CTSI-supported effort to get pediatric medical devices to market, through an innovative approach that has attracted the attention of the Star Tribune.

For example, the consortium and CTSI also collaborate on a funding program for collaborative University and industry teams, so they can move pediatric medical device technologies forward.

View application details and apply


Contact Program Manager Jodi Fenlon Rebuffoni at [email protected] or 612-626-6945.