CTSI awards $20,000 to the planning and implementation of four clinical interventional pilot studies

CTSI’s Clinical and Translational Research Services (CTRS) group announces its grantees for stage 1 of its two-stage pilot funding program available to full-time University of Minnesota faculty for the planning and successful implementation of clinical interventional pilot studies.

Each of the following funded projects will receive up to $5,000 and are expected to have the Stage 1 project plan completed within six months of the award date:

Pilot Trial to Examine the Effect of Aspirin on the Gut Microbiome
Investigator: Anna Prizment, PhD, School of Public Health

The Effect of Chlorohexidine on the Oral and Lung, Microbiota in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Investigator: Alexa Pragman, MD, PhD, Medical School

Effects of Psychotherapeutic Treatment options on Clinical and Family Stress Outcomes for Depressed Adolescents
Investigator: Michael Bloomquist, PhD, LP, Department of Pediatrics

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as an Adjunct Intervention to Cardiac Rehabilitation
Investigator: Susan Everson-Rose, PhD, MPH, Medical School

The goal of the Stage 1 pilot funding is to develop a detailed project plan that includes protocol, budget, and timeline for the proposed interventional pilot study. Projects that successfully complete Stage 1 planning within six months will be eligible to be considered for Stage 2 funding. 

Stage 2 funding offers $25,000 to $75,000 to successfully implement and complete the interventional pilot study, which must be completed within 18 months of Stage 2 funding award date. 

The pilot funding program’s overall goal is to provide support for University investigators to plan and pilot an interventional clinical protocol for a focused clinical research question.

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