IBM MarketScan® Data now accessible to University researchers

Through CTSI’s Best Practices Integrated Informatics Core (BPIC), researchers now have access to IBM MarketScan® data, which can be used as reference material and to support research findings for health-related studies.

As outlined in the University’s license for the data, researchers in the Medical School, College of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, School of Nursing, School of Dentistry, Carlson School of Management, and Institute for Health Informatics will have access to MarketScan data until May of 2022.

The de-identified data ranges from 2013-2017 and includes medical claims, prescription drug purchases, physician encounters, and hospital stays for the population as well as insurance enrollment for a large population of commercially insured patients and Medicare beneficiaries with supplemental health coverage.

Joel Farley, PhD, Professor with the University’s College of Pharmacy, worked with investigators across the College of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, Medical School, and Carlson School of Management to obtain the license.

“Access to this data gives researchers valuable insight into multiple medical populations,” said Dr. Farley. “The result will be better-informed studies and richer research outcomes, and University health research will be able to benefit a larger population than before.”

The interdisciplinary team approach to clinical research and training earned this project additional funding support from the Office of Academic and Clinical Affairs.

Individual researchers will sign a Data Use Agreement (DUA) prior to accessing the information and will work with their individual supervisors and teams to ensure their research adheres to the agreement. Learn more about access to data, fees, and restrictions in the DUA.

BPIC offers additional guidance on the DUA guidelines and other researcher needs. Schedule a consultation with BPIC to learn if IBM MarketScan® data is right for your research.