StudyFinder team members with fairgoer

Raising research awareness at the 2023 Minnesota State Fair

John Merritt

From food on a stick to showcasing the state’s agriculture, the Great Minnesota Get-Together is many things. For the University of Minnesota, it’s an opportunity to get fairgoers involved in some of the amazing studies being undertaken by researchers at one of the nation's premier research universities.

This year the University of Minnesota Driven to Discover Building will feature 10 studies that were supported by CTSI through researcher participation in an education program or assistance from researcher support services. The StudyFinder team will be on hand to answer questions about how people can volunteer to participate in research studies and to lead a health research trivia game.

StudyFinder is a user-friendly website that helps people find and connect with studies by searching keywords, conditions, researcher names, or health topics. StudyFinder first appeared at the Fair in 2015. Last year, some 250 to 500 people visited the StudyFinder booth every day it was open and the StudyFinder team played health research trivia with about 1,500 fairgoers.

Driven to Discover Building

At the 2023 State Fair the StudyFinder team will be at the Driven to Discover Building at 1367 Cosgrove Street on the following dates:

  • Friday, August 25
  • Monday, August 28
  • Saturday, September 2

“The trivia questions we asked last year sparked a lot of good conversation,” said Rachel Whitwam, senior recruitment specialist at CTSI. “Many people appeared interested in participating in research and simply didn’t know opportunities were available to them.”

Fairgoers can play StudyFinder trivia to win prizes, including pop-it frisbees and pop-it balls, as well as water bottles, chip clips, and Goldy Gopher bags.

A complete daily schedule of featured studies is available online.

We hope to see you at the Fair!