CTSI awards $313,000 to five community-University research projects

CTSI has announced the annual winners of the 2015 Community Health Collaborative Grants, which support community-University pilot research projects that address important health issues identified by Minnesota communities. 

Awards are designed to stimulate high-impact research, while building and sustaining long-term partnerships between University of Minnesota researchers and community representatives.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Keeping our Food Supply Healthy: A Pilot Evaluation of Health Care Access and Bilateral Community Health Education for the Rural Latino Agricultural Worker in Minnesota 
Oscar Garza, College of Pharmacy
Ernesto Velez, Centro Campesino

Immigrant Microbiome Project: Characterization of the Obesogenic Gut Microbiome among Immigrants 
Dan Knights, College of Science and Engineering
Kathleen Culhane-Pera, West Side Community Health Services

Minnesota’s Transgender Older Adults: Locating a Hidden Population and Identifying Unmet Service Needs 
Abel Knochel, Department of Social Work, University of Minnesota Duluth
Dylan Flunker, Rainbow Health Initiative

Improving Diabetes Outcomes: Culturally-Based Self-Management Strategies for Non-literate Somali Elders Living in Select Public High-Rise Apartments 
Nathan Shippee, School of Public Health
Robert Albee, A Partnership Of Diabetics

Little Earth Strong: Diabetes Prevention for American Indian Youth and Families 
Michelle Johnson-Jennings, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota Duluth
Nathan Ratner, Little Earth of United Tribes