Resources for working with non-English speaking research participants

Researchers must consider the likelihood of encountering eligible subjects with limited English proficiency while working in culturally and ethnically diverse areas. The UMN community values and respects the cultural and ethnic diversity of our local and national community.

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) regulations (45 CFR 46.116 and 45 CFR 46.117) and FDA regulations (21 CFR 50.25 and 21 CFR 50.27) require that informed consent information be presented in language understandable to the subject.

In order to help researchers meet these ethical standards, comply with regulations, and efficiently move forward with research, the Clinical and Translational Science Institute has compiled a list of helpful resources that can be used when working with non-English speaking participants.

Minnesota Department of Health Interpreters Database
Spoken languages only; No certifications; Self-qualifying

Kim Tong Translation Services

Fairview Interpreter Services

UMN Program in Translation and Interpreting
(Contract services) Scott Homler, Program Director: [email protected]