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Research services enhancements help increase administrative, invoicing efficiencies

Beginning next week, the DeptID for the department administering the research project will be required for all new requests for services submitted in CTSI’s Clinical and Translational Research (CTR) Portal and project set-up requests made to [email protected]

The DeptID field ultimately identifies a departmental contact who will be informed of the project and may be called on for assistance (e.g., during invoice processing). This enhancement will facilitate communication with departments and will help increase efficiency in invoicing for research services performed on behalf of University of Minnesota departments.

The data for this new field can either be found in the chartfield string of the department that the University’s Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) uses to set up the spending account at award time, or in Field 7 on the Proposal Routing Form (PRF), which identifies the administering department -- the department that will assist with the financial transactions related to the project. 

Participating organizations

In addition, completing the “Participating Organization” field will now be required for all new requests for services submitted in the CTR Portal and project set-up requests made to [email protected]

Indicating whether the research project is in collaboration with or is conducted at another local site, including Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) / Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation (MMRF), Fairview Health Services, or the MInneapolis VA Health Care System, will help streamline administrative processes

Please contact [email protected] with questions about these changes, or to suggest additional enhancements to CTSI’s financial invoicing process.