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OnCore launches study entry service

University of Minnesota health sciences studies can now start up more quickly, thanks to a new free service from OnCore. Researchers who request the service can get their protocols and IRB review information entered into the OnCore clinical trial management system (CTMS) on their behalf. 

Speeding study start-up

The service saves valuable researcher time and enables OnCore to capture studies even if a researcher doesn’t have access to the CTMS or hasn’t been trained yet. It also improves the reliability of the data counted on by both researchers and leadership. 

Ultimately, the service speeds up the study-start-up process, often by several days. Speed is particularly critical to COVID-19 studies, several of which have already used the service. Non-COVID-19 studies are benefiting as well. 

What to expect

When you request study entry support, the OnCore team will do the following within the CTMS:

  • Enter studies or protocols, ensuring required fields have been completed.
  • Enter IRB review information.
  • Coordinate the building of financial calendars with CTSI’s Clinical Trial Financial Services (CTFS) team.
  • Maintain summary accrual data through the life of the study.

CTSI offers the service at no cost to the researcher. 

Request support

To get started, email [email protected]