Nine CTSI-supported research projects receive travel awards

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) recognized nine researchers for having outstanding posters and presentations at the annual CTSI Poster Session and Reception held January 20 at McNamara Alumni Center.

Judges evaluated nearly 50 posters, and selected winners from CTSI career development programs for faculty members as well as pre- and post-doctoral trainees. In September, CTSI named travel award winners from its research training programs for students

CTSI will provide as much as $13,500 total in travel expenses so awardees can present their CTSI-supported research at a national or international conference.

Please join us in congratulating the travel award recipients!

Translational Research Development Program (TRDP)

Mariam Ahmed, MS
Primary mentor: Richard Brundage
Additional mentor: Gerald Raymond
Project title: A Model-based Approach to Optimize Lorenzo's Oil Therapy in X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy

Elizabeth Thompson, MS
Primary mentor: Eric A. Hendrickson
Additional mentor: Jakub Tolar
Project title: Gene therapy for Fanconi anemia using Cas9/CRISPR-mediated gene targeting

Tonya Ward, PhD
Primary mentor: Cheryl A. Gale
Project title: Infant Fungal Microbiome and Allergic Disease Development

Nicholas Brady
Primary mentor: Kathryn Schwertfeger
Additional mentor: Douglas Yee
Project title: JAK Inhibition Disrupts Inflammatory Homeostasis in Human Macrophages

New Investigator Pre-K Career Development Program

Anne-Marie Leuck, MD
Primary mentor: Gary Dunny
Additional mentor: Weihua Guan
Project title: The role of rifampin in treatment of left ventricular assist device driveline functions

KL2 Scholars Career Development Program

Andrew Barnes, MD, MPH
Primary mentor: Gerald August 
Additional mentors: Ann Masten, Megan Gunnar, and John Connett
Project title: Self-Regulation and Health in High-Risk Young Children

Chetan Shenoy, MD
Primary mentor: Russell Luepker
Additional mentors: Daniel Duprez and Sue Duval
Project title: Cardiac Fibrosis for Risk Prediction in Cancer Therapy Cardiotoxicity

Allyson Hart, MD, MS
Primary mentor: Ajay Israni
Additional mentors: Melissa Partin and John Connett
Project title: Creating a Decision Aid to Improve Informed Treatment Decisions for Kidney Transplant Candidates

K to R01 Transition to Independence Program

Melena Bellin, MD
Primary Mentor: Antoinette Moran
Additional mentor: James Hodges
Project title: Assessing beta cell loss and islet engraftment after islet autotransplantation