Enhanced Online Tool Makes It Easier for Researchers to Request Research Services

Investigators and research teams now have an easier, more intuitive way to request services, thanks to an updated module on the Clinical Translational Research Portal (CTR Portal).

A screenshot of the CTSI website, featuring the CTR Portal interface

Enhancements are designed to create a more user-friendly and intuitive experience on the CTR Portal, a web-based system that enables research teams to request research services, as well as access and share information about their project. The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) manages the CTR Portal, and made these improvements using feedback from the CTR Portal's users.

The newly designed Request for Services (RFS) module enhances the overall user experience through features such as a clean interface, a flexible workflow, and a streamlined inquiry process that eliminates irrelevant questions and redundant steps.

The module now also includes an activity log, so investigators and research teams can view brief, relevant updates about their projects. For example, team members can see when a project has been updated, a service request has been made, or if additional information is requested by CTSI.

Visit the enhanced RFS module

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