CTSI sharpens its invoicing infrastructure to ensure timely, quality billing of research services

Over the last few months, CTSI has reviewed and refined its invoice functionality within the Clinical and Translational (CTR) Portal for research services performed by a university researcher. During this review, deficits were found, including in some cases, a lack of compliance to ISO policy regarding the prompt approval and payment of invoices. 

Therefore one key change is underway to ensure the timely and quality billing of research services: Starting with July 2016 ISO invoices, all invoices in the CTR Portal that are not in “inquiry” status, will be sent to EFS for the unpaid amount to be deducted from the account 45 days after the invoice was released to the Invoice Contact and Accountant. 

This means that once the July 2016 invoices are released to the Invoice Contacts and Accountants in mid-August, that all July 2016 invoices that are not in inquiry status and remain unapproved after 45 days will be pushed to EFS for payment by approximately October 4, 2016. 

Going forward it means that invoices remaining unpaid after 45 days will be sent to EFS to be paid. 

"Last month we enhanced the CTR Portal to inform Certified Approvers (CAs) that support was requested from a service unit that utilizes the CTR Portal for ISO invoices for a specific research project," said Lisa Johnson, Assistant Director, CTSI’s Clinical and Translational Research Services core. “It is our hope that this enhancement will facilitate a more prompt identification of the Accountant associated with the project and consequently, the assignment of a chartstring to the project for prompt review and approval of invoices."

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