New Staff Training Raised Hand

CTSI launches Foundations for Research Professionals training program

Following a successful pilot, CTSI launched Foundations for Research Professionals across the University of Minnesota in 2017 to help increase knowledge and application of clinical research coordinator competencies—for those new to research or new to the U of M.

“We recognized that there were training gaps for research coordinators at the University. With clinical research being an emerging profession, it’s imperative we help develop a workforce of competent research professionals to improve efficiency, quality, and ethics of research,” said Megan Hoffman, CTSI’s Translational Workforce Development program manager.

Foundational training

The two-week, 25-hour training includes six in-person sessions and seven online training modules and covers preparing for a study, managing a study, recruiting and engaging participants, and assessing capacity to consent and the informed consent process. The training program was development by the CTSI, which leveraged materials from the Indiana and Mayo Clinic’s Clinical and Translational Science Award programs as well as some material from the U of M.  

“Coordinators who have gone through our program have demonstrated an increase in knowledge of core competencies, and are able to apply essential functions of a CRC role using Good Clinical Practice,” Hoffman said. “Through the pilot program in in the Department of Psychiatry for example, the result was a 7 percent difference in baseline and follow-up assessments, with overview of research showing the greatest improvement.”

This program is one of several training opportunities the CTSI offers to University of Minnesota Clinical Research Coordinators. Upcoming dates for the Foundations for Research Professional training include March 19-30, May 7-18, and July 9-20. There is no cost to individual coordinators or their departments

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