Hubert Lim, PhD

ODAT Senior Advisor

Hubert Lim

Nils Hasselmo Hall, Room 6-132
United States

Hubert Lim, PhD, is a Professor in the Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Otolaryngology as well as an Institute for Translational Neuroscience Scholar. He is Director of the Earl E. Bakken Medical Device Center, Co-Director of the Center for Neural Engineering, and an Endowed Lions Professor of Otolaryngology.

Through his research, Hubert aims to push the development and translation of neural interfaces and medical technologies into clinical application with close collaboration with clinicians and industry. He has particularly focused on treating hearing loss, tinnitus, pain, and immune disorders via a range of invasive and noninvasive technologies and approaches including electrical stimulation, ultrasound imaging and stimulation, EEG, and invasive neural recordings in animals and humans.

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