Jenna Dick

Jenna Dick

Pre-doc scholar, Translational Research Development Program

Department of Medicine and Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PHD), Medical School

Primary mentor: Geoffrey Hart, Medical School
Additional mentor: Jeffrey Miller, Medical School

Project: Understanding adaptive natural killer cells in malaria

Jenna is a 6th year MD/PhD student in the Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer (MICaB) graduate program. Her thesis work focuses on studying the role of adaptive natural killer cells in malaria and COVID-19 and how these can be targeted for therapeutics. Outside of the lab, Jenna enjoys taking advantage of all the beauty that Minnesota has to offer through biking, running, and hiking with friends. She also enjoys playing the violin in a community orchestra, reading memoirs, and playing board games with her husband. As an aspiring physician scientist, Jenna is excited to be conducting translational research on COVID-19 supported by the CTSI TRDP!