Office of Discovery and Translation (ODAT)

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We develop and implement funding programs that turn innovations into products, services, and approaches for improving human health.

CTSI established the Office of Discovery and Translation (ODAT) in 2011 to accelerate the translation and implementation of health-related innovations.

ODAT Funding

Community engagement: Advancing children’s unmet medical needs

To better understand unmet needs in pediatric health, we engage directly with our community.

The Community Discovery Program encourages members of the public to describe challenges and experiences related to caring for children’s medical needs that could be improved with new technology. We evaluate opportunities for innovation and advance feasible, high-impact solutions within the University. 

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Sandra Wells, PhD
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Brittni Peterson, PhD
Senior Program Manager
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ODAT Office
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Jodi Fenlon Rebuffoni
Assistant Director
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Tonya Wilson
Program Coordinator
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