Salma Ibrahim

Salma Ibrahim

2021 scholar, Pathways to Research Program (PReP)

University of Minnesota
Mentor: Bonnie Klimes-Dougan, PhD

Salma Ibrahim is a third-year undergraduate student studying Developmental Psychology with a minor inIntegrative Neuroscience.

Growing up in a large family and working at a daycare, she developed an interest in the developmental sciences through her proximity to children of all ages and backgrounds. She was previously a recipient of the MSROP scholarship, through which she conducted research on childhood adversity and development. Salma is fascinated with the unique ways in which identities are formed during childhood. She is also very interested in the mechanisms through which culture, resilience, and trauma play a role in development.

Currently, Salma is exploring her interests in research and continues to immerse herself in volunteer work primarily with marginalized and underrepresented communities of the Twin Cities. Following the completion of her bachelors’ degree, Salma hopes to further her education to pursue clinical work and/or research in the developmental sciences.