CTSI’s Community Research Van

CTSI unveils new mobile health lab for researchers

July 20, 2015

Thanks to CTSI’s Community Research Van, research teams have a new opportunity to conduct health studies out in the community at no cost to them.

The mobile health lab is available by request to qualifying studies, and can be taken anywhere in the five-state area. 

What’s inside

CTSI’s Community Research Van is designed exclusively for health studies, featuring:

  • Equipment for measuring height, weight, cholesterol, heart rates, body composition, blood sugar, and blood pressure
  • Supplies for blood collection
  • Laptops and tablets
  • Internet connectivity
  • Space for private interviews
Interior of CTSI’s Community Research Van; shows medical equipment


Both University investigators and University-community research collaborations are eligible to request the mobile health lab for their studies. 


Looking for a research partner? Reach out to CTSI’s Community Engagement team to be connected with a community collaborator -- such as a physician, clinic, nonprofit, and other community entity -- or to University researchers with complementary skills and expertise.