CTSI connects with Sue Lowry, database programmer & analyst

Meet CTSI database programmer and analyst Sue Lowry, whose expertise and experience make her a critical member of research teams at UMN. As one client stated, "Sue's responsiveness and effective problem solution are outstanding - far in excess of expectation."

Thank you for your hard work Sue!

Why do you work in clinical and translational research?

I love helping people with their programming and database needs. It's thrilling to me that the databases I'm building are contributing to the science that can make a difference in people's lives by helping them become and/or stay healthier.

What does your typical work day at CTSI look like?

Most of my days include a combination of meetings, creating and maintaining databases and database applications for departments or researchers, and helping people learn how to create their own databases using REDCap. I also offer REDCap demonstrations and answer questions from research teams.

What do you like to do when you're not at CTSI?

I spend a lot of time with our 5 month old puppy, my husband and our two sons. I enjoy reading, knitting and crocheting. I also enjoy helping with the audio and video at my church.

What is your favorite or current read?

I'm currently doing a lot of reading about dog training because we recently got our first puppy. Otherwise I mostly read mysteries, especially ones with cats and/or crafts involved, and adventure and suspense novels. One of my favorite authors is Joel Rosenberg.