Nathan Keller

Nathan Keller

2021 scholar, Pathways to Research Program (PReP)

University of Minnesota
Mentor: Claire Kamp Dush, PhD

Nathan Emmanuel Keller is a fourth-year student at the University of Minnesota, where he is pursuing a degree in Biology, Society, and Environment. In his studies, Nathan is focusing on the relevance of the biological sciences to social, environmental, and health-related problems.

Mentored by Dr. Claire Kamp Dush, he will conduct research on the social determinants of health. Nathan has worked for the Center of Immunology as an undergraduate research assistant under Dr. Michael Farrar, and he works as an Emergency Medical Technician at Healthpartners.

Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, Mr. Keller intends to apply to medical school to progress further into a lifelong career, devoted to continuous learning and caring for others.