Hossam Halaweish

Hossam Halaweish

2021 scholar, Pathways to Research Program (PReP)

University of Minnesota
Mentor: Christopher Staley, PhD

Hossam Fathi Halaweish is an incoming senior undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota majoring in Biology with a pre-med emphasis.  During the school year, Hossam competes on the UMN Men’s Soccer team where he has recently taken on the role of Team Captain.

Along with his academic and athletic responsibilities, he conducts research at Dr. Staley’s lab, which focuses on investigating the microbial ecology of dysbiosis in the intestinal microbiota. There he was awarded the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program scholarship, which allowed him to further pursue his interests in the clinical applications of microbial ecology.

Along with his academic endeavors, Hossam continues to work on his non-profit organization, Portraits for a Purpose, which is focused on alleviating childhood hunger. He provides portrait-style photography while donating 100% of the proceeds to organizations like “Feed the Children” to aid them in their outreach program to provide hope and resources for those without life’s essentials. His photographic efforts have earned him a place on the storyboard of The Minnesota Daily, Dakota News Now, and the Brookings Register.

Along with his media exposure, he has recently received the University of Minnesota Presidential Leadership and Service Award along with the Donald R. Zander Alumni Award for Outstanding Student Leadership along the criteria of exceptional academic achievement, personal character and integrity, compassion, and outstanding University-wide leadership and service

With Hossam’s ongoing interests in biological sciences and community outreach, he plans to continue his education and apply to medical school with the hope of becoming a physician with an emphasis in oncology.