Francine Legba

Francine Legba

2021 scholar, Pathways to Research Program (PReP)

Carleton College
Mentor: Sandra Safo, PhD, MSc

Francine Legba is a second year student at Carleton College, where she is pursuing two degrees in Biology (BA) and environmental studies (BA) in hopes of integrating her passions of health and sustainability.

She is a summer researcher at the University of Minnesota Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and a participant in the Pathways to Research Program (PReP) cohort of 2021, where she will be working alongside her biostatistician mentor, investigating the correlation between HIV and COVID-19 risk factors.

Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, she hopes to apply to a MD MPH program and become a medical doctor who is an active advocate for sustainable development that fosters better human and public health in her native country of Togo.